1. Create

Pick your camera, scratch your head and create a masterpiece video. The ideas can be as creative and wacky as possible except an obscene one which would be just criminal….

You can create the videos under the following categories.
  • Original Music- Solo, Band, Instrumental, Groups etc
  • Original Fiction- Drama, Social, Comedy, Satire, Horror, Poetry etc
  • Original Reality- Standup Acts, Vox Pop, Pranks, Social Experiments, Travel Diaries, Opinions, the Unexplained, Hidden Talent, Mimicry etc


Upload exclusive videos and get a chance to create a name for yourself at what you love doing the most. All you have to do is stick to the following guidelines.

You can create the videos under the following categories.

  • Create your account to upload your videos
  • Add keywords and description to make it easier for viewers to find your videos. Make sure that your keywords are relevant to the video
  • Upload your videos in any format (.mp4, .mov, .avi, .wmv etc.)
  • The duration of any video should not exceed 7mins
  • Videos should be exclusive to SPOTLIGHT and not uploaded anywhere else. (All videos to be uploaded on SPOTLIGHT should be exclusive and should not present/available on any other online property. Such videos will not qualify as per SPOTLIGHT’s content policy. The selected videos will be available for viewing and promotional purposes only on the official nexGTv app and website)

Please also refer to our Terms & Conditions.


Once you have uploaded your video, it is time to earn money which just helps to keep your creative juices flowing

Obviously, you would want to know, how will you earn?
  • First – Your video goes through the SPOTLIGHT jury which checks-out all mandatories
  • Once it gets a thumbs-up, your video makes it to the nexGTv app where millions of users can watch it
  • As soon as your video crosses 3000 views, you start earning. Check out the slab below for details
  • Please note, all the views under payment slab will be counted on monthly basis.

    Payment Slab / Video Min Views Max Views Payout / Hit
    Silver 3,001 25,000 8 p
    Gold 25,001 50,000 9 p
    Platinum 50,000 + - 11 p

4. WIN


Top 5 most-viewed videos on nexGTv app are reviewed by Imtiaz Ali who chooses a masterpiece as his "No.1 Video” of the month.

    Guess what? The winner takes home ₹100,000